Cilla Raie Represents U.K. R&B with a ‘Masterpiece’ Track

Real R&B has been left in the back burner since the emergence of singing rappers. Not to say that the soothing, rhythmic genre is dead, but it hasn’t been appropriately represented in recent years. I stumbled upon this track called ‘Masterpiece’ by U.K. R&B singer Cilla Raie and thought to myself, “Has R&B just been hidden in the United Kingdom?”

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‘Masterpiece’ is Cilla Raie’s confession of the true beauty she sees in her partner. The Joey Dyer-produced track (Producer of ‘Fancy’ by Iggy Azalea) features a slow tempo instrumental that allows more prominence, intimacy, and enthusiasm in Cilla’s words.

“You’re a masterpiece in my eyes, and you don’t even try/From the inside to the out, I see you without a flaw/Don’t go, don’t go/From the inside to the out, I see you without a flaw”

Flaws are universal, and whether we accept them or not, it’s the imperfections that make us unique. For example, Jadakiss is known for his raspy voice, which at one point, was probably considered as a flaw to someone else. To others, it’s the one aspect that makes him an unforgettable artist.

However, let’s get back to Cilla Rae and her ‘Masterpiece’ video. The Daniel ‘Musical D’ Smith-produced video focuses on close-up shots, where we’re placed in an intimate setting with Cilla. Speaking for myself, today’s music videos tend to sell sex, evoking a sense of dis-attachment from the artists. We hardly see Cilla’s lower half, meaning she’d rather us focus on her words than her body. But as I mentioned with Jadakiss, some may see this as a flaw, others see this as a plus.

Cilla Rae is currently working on her sophomore EP that’s set to release later this year. Currently she’s touring the U.K., delivering music workshops to local schools.

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