Cilla Raie talks Starting Music on Myspace, Growth of U.K. R&B, School Tour

Hip-Hop and R&B is rooted back to the United States. Developing in the South Bronx, New York back in the 70s, probably no one at the time knew how much it would develop, let alone how far across the world it could go. Evidently, Hip-Hop and R&B’s influence moved across to the United Kingdom, which has bred the up-and-coming singer/songwriter known as Cilla Raie.

Story | Nico Blitz

Beginning her career in the early social media platform known as Myspace, Cilla Raie recently dropped her debutĀ self-titled EP, which consists of music she’s written at the age of 17. Today, Cilla is 23 and has evolved into a more prominent singer and songwriter, who garnered her Master’s Degree is Music, and looks to educate children across the U.K. through her music and knowledge of.

Below is our exclusive interview with Cilla Raie.

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