Comedian Serves Up Chick-Fil-A Trap Song Called “My Pleasure”

What happens when you love your job, the dab and waffle fries more than life? You make a rap video of course. Comedian & social media personality Jaron Myers became a Chick-Fil-A employee and had “the pleasure to serve you” in his recent video about the fast food chain.

“Welcome to Heaven, I mean Chick Fil A”, for every Texan (and possibly other states too) this is literally the best thing to hit the internet this week, because what is lunch if you’re not having chicken nuggets with Polynesian dipping sauce, a large waffle fry and a Dr. Pepper to get you through your afternoon of classes at #TXST or #UTAustin?

Jaron is currently on tour “serving the lord’s way” across the Bible Belt with his comedy sketch. I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Hot 100 album from Myers anytime soon, especially since it needs to beat Mr_Bankshot’s “Nuggets” song; a parody to “Cut It” that proves Burger King chicken nuggets are the absolute best.

Find Jaron Myers on Twitter @jaronmyers or on his personal website.

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