Ceraadi Commences ‘Hood Pop’ Genre with New Song “We In Here”

Hood Pop is a genre you’ll want to be familiar with. It emanates from a trio of sisters, Emaza, Saiyr, and Znuie, who form the rising female act Ceraadi. With beats curated by Grammy-nominated producer Dem Jointz, “We In Here” perfectly establishes the sounds we’re expecting off Ceraadi’s upcoming project #HoodPop.

Story | Nico Blitz

“We In Here” is a club-banging bounce track that’s the ideal energizer for your day. Meshed with a heavy bass, a looped Ceraadi sample in the background, the favored arpeggiator hi hats, and the trio’s unique hood pop sound, the track shows astounding evolution from the group’s 11 month hiatus since their single “That’s Bae.”

What’s intriguing is Ceraadi’s look. Their appearance supplements their music, meaning they’re taking an old style (the leather jackets, Guess clothing, and even the high-rise Abercrombie & Fitch underwear) and making it new. Synonymous to their music, R&B and pop have been available to us in the past by groups like TLC and Destiny’s Child, but since we haven’t had a female group like the aforementioned, Ceraadi seems like the trio that’s promising to take the spot. This hood pop sound is unfamiliar to the world, but it’s a sound they’ve trademarked and is something I feel a majority can relate to.

#HoodPop is set to release in 2017.

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