Nostalgia to 2000’s R&B: Watch “Holy Matrimony” by Cash Campain

Ladies, there’s an R&B singer out of the Bay Area that you’ll want to get accustomed to by the name of Cash Campain. Although his name doesn’t automatically scream singer or songwriter, Cash’s vocal presence, uncanny swagger, and use of lyrics that radiates a sense of humanity make him worth every dollar of your time. His single “Holy Matrimony” is reminiscent of Musiq Soulchild’s 2007 hit “B.U.D.D.Y.”, where Cash garners ever-growing attention from the acting director for the video’s ‘live’ feed.

What’s to love about “Holy Matrimony” is it’s ability to entice nostalgia. While most contemporary R&B focuses on the objectification of women, Cash creates a time capsule to the late-90’s/early 2000’s era of the genre; a time when singers were more focused on sensualizing and less sexualizing. In other words, it’s not about how crazy his dick-game is or how she’ll be begging for more. Rather, he’s proving that it takes an honest heart and a smooth mouthpiece to build a personal relationship that becomes the foundation for a holy matrimony. Gentlemanhood still exists in the 2010’s.

Campain also features his younger brother Caleborate in the last verse. Ironically, these brothers materialize a perfect matrimony within itself. Cash captures the song on its many mid and high notes, which compliments Caleb’s lower-pitched vocals. Though Caleborate isn’t known as a singer, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he picked up a thing or two from his older brother. I would personally enjoy a collaborative EP from these two; a 5-track compilation of Cash on the chorus and Caleb on the verses, and vice versa.

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Though a collaborative EP is probably not in the works, Cash Campain’s year-end release VALLEY HI is slated to drop on December 6th with features from Caleborate, Zyah Belle, YMTK and more.

VALLEY HI by Cash Campain - The Lunch Table

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