This is Hella Sad, But Simultaneously Uplifting: “Maybe” by Brownboi Maj

It’s good to reminisce sometimes. For instance, y’all remember when videos would only record and export with 480 x 480 dimensions? The videos would come out extremely pixelated, the audio was a mess, and still we thought it was hella cool at the time. Nowadays you might get shunned for presenting content that’s similar to the retro filming style, but if you mix it with Brownboi Maj‘s message behind “Maybe” then you’ll see what goodness and sadness can come out of it.

Heartbreak is simultaneously gratifying and painful. Only through the experience are we able to understand our personal needs in a relationship, but self-identity isn’t easy to come by.

Maj is filmed in a single room which initially appears occupied solely to himself. As he explains his hurt from the departure of his now ex-girlfriend, an illusion of her is sharing the tiny performance area with him. She eventually disappears towards the latter half of the song when Maj’s lyrics become more aggressive; a couple “fuck you’s” and an “ugly ass bitch” sung with passion create this melancholy, yet comical atmosphere. It’s the perfect remedy for getting over an ex.

So how much are you feeling the “Maybe” video? Also, check out Brownboi Maj’s video to “Move On“, an uptempo song about emotional detachment.

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