Get Close and Personal with BROCKHAMPTON on “1999 WILDFIRE” Video

Running with the momentum from their television debut of “TONYA“, BROCKHAMPTON laces up our anxiety for their upcoming album The Best Years of Our Lives with “1999 WILDFIRE“.

Simply put, the Kevin Abstract-directed visual gets close and personal with members the All-American Boyband. Every shot captures details you wouldn’t notice otherwise from Joba shedding a quick tear, to the passion in Matt Champion’s eyes, and even the perfectly imperfect teeth of the Helmet Boy.

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But what does this all mean? The Saturation trilogy proved the boyband could drop an insatiable amount of content and us fans would consume it, no matter how good the content was. In this case “1999 WILDFIRE” indicates BROCKHAMPTON’s unyielding transformation that’s forcing them to look into their music with much more detail and purpose than their past work. In other words, the more focus-minded boyband will only elevate the group’s status.

We still don’t know when The Best Years of Our Lives will drop, however the boyband did say that they’d be releasing new music all summer long.

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