BOOM BAPS | Simplicity at its finest through Austin Green sampling


An old school blueprint filled with light melodic samples, and a simple use of drum kits leads to relaxing vibes and deep thoughts – a journey made possible by Austin Green‘s BOOM BAPS.


Story: Nico Blitz | @nicoakablitz

Images: Bandcamp

Released on April 16, Green created a 17-track instrumental album – with the longest instrumental being 3 minutes and 13 seconds – said to be majorly inspired by his son, Quentin.



The simplicity of the album artwork reflects Green’s work. It’s common nowadays to see instrumentals be jacked up with a variety of arpeggiated hi hats, but a simple 1/8 pattern per hi hat hit on most, if not all, the tracks makes well for an predictable, yet smooth and enjoying listen.


Austin Green
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Some notable tracks include:

The high key piano instrumental “Life’s A Female Dawg” – which samples “Life’s A Bitch” by Nas from Illmatic,

“Casino Nights” – an instrumental that samples strings and piano keys that emanate feelings of hopefulness and success simultaneously,

“Mello Day” – the theme song to lounging at the crib and day drinking while walking around in nothing but your favorite pair of shorts.



The Visalia, California based instrumentalist starts off BOOM BAPS with vocal-heavy sample “Ruined Heart”, which instantly sets the tone for the entire album. I feel that the concept of this album surrounds the fact is that sampling is imperfectly perfect.

When hearing a sample heavy track you’re bound to hear slight open spaces, but those are small instances that enhance the beauty of the music. It creates a new sound; a newer perspective on previous artwork that is interpreted differently by whoever stumbles upon it and decides to chop it up.

Creating new sounds with musical artifacts is a technique that is heavily overlooked as an art form, but it’s great to know that some still practice this once prominent Hip-Hop skill and keep the roots alive.

BOOM BAPS is now available on Bandcamp.

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