Bobby Brackins is Slowly Becoming A Singer And It’s Working

Bobby Brackins is most known for his slogan “another hit for the radio station”, which has been on his hit records like “143” and “I Hit It First” with Ray J, and “Hot Box” (which features Mila J). His more recent tracks like “OB”, “Joyride”, and “Back to the Crib” feature singers in Marc E. Bassy, Austin Mahone, and Wash, respectively. So what is it that makes Bobby such a hit-single maker? The Oakland songwriter has an ear for meshing himself well with producers, and giving the hook to singers that fit the unique Bobby Brackins sound. Though Brackins has proven to be a strong writer for the likes of Tinashe or Chris Brown, it seems like he’s looking to improve himself as a musical artist by expanding his vocal range.

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“Tap In” is Bobby’s latest single with PNB Rock. Though PNB Rock begins the record by singing/rapping, Bobby expectedly enters rapping halfway through the song, but quickly takes an unexpected turn as he sings, “She know I’m from the Bay/She give me good brain cus she graduated State”, and ends his verse on a singing note.

However, this wasn’t the first time Bobby was heard singing on his records. In his 2016 project To Live For, the standout record with Wash called “Back To The Crib” showcases a Bobby Brackins who sings a girl back to his place:

“Let’s go back to the crib/You know that I’m fucking with you baby/Get it in a padded room/Cause you know I’m fucking you crazy/I might charge these other girls/But tonight you won’t have to pay me/Let’s go right to the crib/Girl I want you to know where I’m staying”

In his 2017 project and the second part to his album series, To Kill For contains his single “OB” featuring singer/songwriter Marc E. Bassy, where the two talk about having sex with the same girls, labeling each girl as “our baby”. Despite having two verses on “OB”, Bobby once again decides to end his verse by singing: “It’s a little birdie round town/So I’ll take you home, get the dome, you go down/You like us, you know now/Make us bust like 4 pounds”.

It’s pretty obvious that Marc has had some influence to Bobby’s recent outbreak into singing. Both artists are from the Bay Area, work on countless records together, and even use the same producer in Nic Nac. The influence, however, does reciprocate to pop singer as heard on the title track to his 2017 opus Gossip Columns. While we hear Bobby tackle nearly an entire verse of him hitting melodies and cadence, Marc presents an unprecedented rapper from within.

Seeing Bobby Brackins evolve as an artist proves his patience and persistence. Before venturing as a solo artist, Bobby was once part of a Bay Area music group called Go DAV, which featured a single singer amongst four members. Brackins could have considered singing back then, however he decided taking the rap route was much more suitable for him at the time. Collaborating and going on tour with Marc E. Bassy and pop singer Niykee Heaton are just two of the many people who possibly influenced him to integrate singing into his sound.

Bobby Brackins is set to release the final album to his trilogy, To Die For. Though no release dates or features have been confirmed, there’s a chance we’ll hear Bobby break out even further into his singing career and make another ‘big film’.

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