Big Lenbo Interview | Strange Days, Becoming A Rapper, Everybody’s Tour

In 2015 Logic’s second studio album The Incredible True Story surfaced and was nothing short of incredible due to its ability to translate a fluid futuristic story. Though it begins strongly with records like ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Upgrade,’ while also ending with fan favorites like ‘Paradise’ and ‘Run It,’ it’s easy to remember the standout record ‘Young Jesus’ that features his best friend, Big Lenbo.

Lenbo’s 90s hip-hop influence paired with uncanny lyrics that deemed him as the unscannable, young cannibal, ‘fat young Jesus’ proved that great collaborations guarantee a look into a feature’s history. However, like many who eventually searched for Big Lenbo, I found nothing at the time; no songs made prior to ‘Young Jesus,’ or even a minuscule biography.

But as his exposure to the public rose from performing ‘Young Jesus’ on tour, so was Lenbo exposed to the idea of becoming a full-time rapper. According to Lenny, he needed to fight off demons that compared his skill to the likes of hip-hop’s greats and currently rising stars, in order to fully commit to the job. His openness revealed that the Maryland rapper was indeed recording his Strange Days EP during these strange days of his life.

It took preparation, and a talk from his mentor that referenced Halle Berry for Lenny to fully embody Big Lenbo. The RattPack member garnered a feature on Everybody on ‘America‘ and carefully released singles from ‘Protect Your Neck,’ to ‘Stupid,’ and ‘Ice Cold’ to keep his fan base hungry, and excited for his opening set on Everybody’s Tour for Logic and Joey Bada$$. And knowing Lenbo is a hip-hop head who enjoys concerts; he hopes to become a better performer throughout the process of the tour, avoiding befitting the “boring” rappers he’s seen on stage.

Just as Big Lenbo looks to grow in his practice, performance, and public relations, its safe to say that his fan base will grow solely by his doings.

Big Lenbo is the first hip-hop act for Logic’s Elysium record label, with Strange Days as the first project released under the label.

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