Next Up for the Rattpack: Big Lenbo Goes ‘Ice Cold’ with Logic

They say great minds think alike, so it’s no wonder why the Rattpack collective can create ice cold music whenever they’re on the same records. And though Logic’s latest album Everybody is on even higher socially conscious level than his previous work, it doesn’t mean he can’t flex on a track every so often. With that said, Big Lenbo seems to bring out the flex-rapper in Logic on every track they’re on together, especially on ‘Ice Cold.’

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The nostalgic record exemplifies Big Lenbo’s ability to rap and muse in the industry, and presents his love for old school hip-hop. ‘Ice Cold’ actually samples E-40’s ‘Breakin’ News’ and starts off with the opening lines, “Til’ I’m on you can save all the sentiment/I’m in the lab formulating with the elements/Out of touch staying low like a pessimist/Ice Cold for the purpose of the betterment,” to give us a taste of Big Lenbo’s mindset in the game.

This record looks to detach Big Lenbo from being the featured rapper from ‘Young Jesus’ off The Incredible True Story. I remember when I first heard the TITS record, I immediately began searching for Big Lenbo and found that he wasn’t a rapper. More so, he was a guy who can rap. It was also Logic’s way of introducing his Rattpack brother to the world.

I spoke with someone at Def Jam and they were telling me how Logic’s team is comprised of individuals who have done everything in the industry. Everything in this sense encapsulates rapping, producing, writing, videography, managing, and so on.

I think that Big Lenbo has always had the ability to rap, but chose to take a different route before presenting these abilities to the world. It’s honestly ‘overrated’ in a sense to take the direct rap route because so many people are trying to rap, and it’s rare to find a person who’s willing to take a different route just to find rap along the way.

With ‘Ice Cold’ being the single off Big Lenbo’s debut album, I’m excited to listen to more nostalgic and organic hip-hop filled with hard-hitting bars and possibly more likeminded people like the Rattpack collective.

Big Lenbo will be touring with Logic on Everybody’s Tour, and his debut album Strange Days will be coming soon.

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