Philadelphia rapper to release one song a day for an entire year


Variety. Surprise. Phenomenal Feats. These factors sum up an artist who stands out from the overabundance of rappers attempting to make a name. Asaad may be that guy.


Story: Nico Blitz | @nicoakablitz

Images: Asaad Instagram | @youngtwoseven


On January 1, 2016 Philly rapper Asaad made an oath to release one song a day for an entire year, a feat that has yet to be done by any rap artist in history. His journey started with “Gibraltar” | Day 001.


The funky album artwork is a slight reminder of Kanye’s recent The Life of Pablo. I believe that Asaad is conveying this idea that through his 365-day project he is creating a Pablo Picasso-like message for his fans to enjoy.

Let’s take the artwork for “You & Me” (Cintra) | Day 113 for example. The light green base is complimented with a couple watching television, which is probably imagery to Asaad’s current ideal relationship.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.01.27 PM

Also, if you look closely, he also references Psalm 27: 1-2, which is placed in every artwork since day 001. I feel that with this Biblical verse in every artwork, Asaad is making a statement; this year long project is a trial for his salvation, and by the end of the trial his enemies – or people who doubt the young artist on his goal – will reevaluate the young rapper from Philly.

These are just little Easter Eggs that you can find in Asaad’s music when listening and looking closely at the artwork. Of course, I could be wrong about my interpretation of “You & Me” (Cintra) | Day 113 completely, but I’m sure all artists enjoy open interpretation of their art.

But at the end of the day the questions still remains: Will the young Philly artist accomplish his goal? And what interpretations do you have for some of the artwork that he’s put out?

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