André Molina Describes Age of DMs and IG Love on ‘hmu’

With only two tracks on his SoundCloud, André Molina maintains an elusive persona, occasionally interrupting his online absence with bangers like ‘hmu’. Channeling the easy going nature of a crush, the upbeat, bouncy track speaks to those of us who have found ourselves falling for someone. It’s a modern love story for the age of DMs and Instagram likes.

Story | Zara Hurtado

Image | Twitter : @jandremolina

Anyone who has crushed hard can relate to the scenario Molina paints in this track. ‘hmu’ captures the excitement of meeting someone new and reminds listeners all too well what it’s like to fall for someone and have them on your mind 24/7 with lines like:

“Girl give me a chance/ you’ve been running, running on my mind/ you gon’ drive me crazy/ you be freaky/ riding on me all the time”

Though don’t confuse this track for a celebration of puppy love or hook ups, ‘hmu’ goes deeper than that as Molina describes searching for something deeper from his Instagram-dream girl. After all, why are you going to settle with a hook up when you can find your ride or die?

As the track comes to a close, Molina captures the moment when we realize our feelings for our crush may be more serious than we thought. His true romanticism shines in the last verse as he describes the lengths he’ll go for hs girl, proving that it’s more than just a crush:

“Face it, you’re amazing/ I ain’t fucking with these basics/ on some real shit/ I been playing with these bars/ but for you I raise it/ cuz for you, everything good/ I’ma do you how I should.”

“hmu” is the second track released by Molina, produced by labelmate Logan Brondo. With rumors of new music coming out, you can expect to see more from the New Jersey local in the future.

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