Ladies of the Game | Alyssa Marie, Brockton’s Hip Hop Legacy

When thinking of Brockton, Massachusetts, there are only a handful of legacies known to the world about the 90K populated city – the first city in the world to have a three-wire underground electrical system, home of legendary boxer Rocky Marciano, or even in November 2011 when the city claimed the world record for most people wearing Santa Claus hats at 1792 heads.

However, what the world isn’t aware of is Brockton’s next upcoming legacy – a conscious individual who seeks to take the rap game and reformat it to her will.

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Introducing The City of Champions’ very own Alyssa Marie, the conscious alternative Hip Hop artist making noise across the country with a muse to maintain her poetic, versatile style as she heads deeper into the game.

But she didn’t cut through the game before forging her sword. Born on April 2, 1989, the Lebanese/Irish rap artist began writing poetry and freestyles at the age of 12. It wasn’t until the age of 15 when Alyssa wrote her first song.

“It was more like something I just did at a young age. Whenever we did poetry at school I was always drawn to it. It just made me feel like I could express myself – and I was never able to sing even though I love singing, so I kinda just merged that with Hip Hop.”

Ladies of the Game - Alyssa Marie | The Lunch Table

She grew up mostly listening to Tupac, Eminem, Bone Thugz-N-Harmony, and Mobb Deep, but held Rakim as the forefront of her all time favorites. Though these rappers undoubtedly crafted Alyssa Marie’s style, her influence was another story, which derives from her experiences with her loved ones.

“I was influenced by my environment [in Brockton] just rapping about the struggles I was going through, my family struggles, my personal struggles; but I think it was more the people around me who influenced me – my family, my friends, people I would draw experiences from – I think that was more of the influence than my actual city of where I grew up.”

The most influential from her family is her grandmother, who essentially became the Brockton prodigy’s number one fan.

“She’s so funny because she hates rap, but I think me making it and me showing her my music, she’s gotten very, very fond of it. She’s so proud of me.”

During her career, Alyssa Marie has released four studio albums – Welcome Home (July 2010), HeartBeat (May 2012), No Parades on Easy Street (May 2014), and her most recent release Louder Than Words (July 2016), along with several hit singles between LPs. She’s become a YouTube sensation, acquiring over 35,000 subscribers and reaching over a million views through live performances, cyphers, and music videos.

The Lunch Table sat down with Alyssa Marie for an exclusive interview on Louder Than Words, the heroes and villains of Hip Hop, female representation in the game, and much more.

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