AG is ‘Heating Up’ with a New Style in 2016

Anxiety, anticipation and a side of confidence; that feeling of being both an immovable object and an unstoppable force, and a phrase yelled out after making a second consecutive shot in beer pong. AG has got this idea compacted into his latest single “Heating Up”.

Story: Nico Blitz

Riverside MC switches lanes to a more explosive, trap-like setting following his dream-centered mixtape Castles in the Sky; however, this isn’t to say that he’s strived away from his clever lyricism.

“I know they sipping that lean, off the codeine/ Hennessy all that I need/ Pushing more waves than the sea/ I’m heating up, turn up a couple degrees”

Though quite different from what we’ve heard in his previous work, it’s not a bad idea for the NOTFOR$ALE artist to experiment with hype music early in his career. What differentiates him from a typical trap artist – with “Heating Up” being the lone reference point – is the fact that he sticks with creative lyricism and strays from a cyclic rhyme scheme.

Regardless, it’ll be nice to see what’s heating up in the lab from the young castle-maker in the near future.

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