“Afrophunk” by Jay Prince | Transforming London’s Hip Hop Scene

London’s Hip Hop scene is vibrant. It is home to the highly kinetic, fast-paced Grime movement pioneered by Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Kano, and Lethal Bizzle to name a few. Though Grime is the popular realm many U.K. rappers pursue, London native Jay Prince is steadily crafting a lane all to himself.

Story | Ricky Rodas

While Grime inspires us to release large amounts of unbridled energy, Jay Prince’s soul and jazz-tinged music summons a laid back, serene spirit that undoubtedly gets you moving.

He rides these sunrise-esque beats with a flow as smooth as a pink Cadillac, laced with potent lyrics that speak of his bittersweet reality. On “Afrophunk”, a song off his 2015 EP Beautiful Mercy, he paints a vivid picture of pain:

“At 17 you wouldn’t believe the shit I seen/ I seen women get slapped, I heard niggas got stabbed”

He continues his rhyme, now determined to grow from the pain instead of collapse under the pressure:

“Really try see, and really trying being/and speak about peace, and speak about love/ and speak about us, the love, the truth, the pain, am I insane/ to come and really change the game”

Prince has been consistent in his message and the quality of his music from the very start, providing listeners with projects such as 2015’s Be For Our Time and the aforementioned Beautiful Mercy that will keep you mesmerized for days on end.

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