Kanye Classic Gets Flipped by Adrian Gamboa | Listen to “All Falls Down”

If you’re a big Kanye fan (and I’m talking about his music, but if you like his celebrity livelihood that’s cool too), you should probably accustom yourself with Adrian Gamboa, another big Kanye fan. This guy is huge on sampling old school hits. Most recently he did a rendition to Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together” on “You Part II, and he’s diving more into these 2000’s hits with “All Falls Down“.

This record was one of Kanye’s breakthrough singles during his College Dropout run as he samples Syleena Johnson. Though Adrian doesn’t directly take from Johnson’s original song, he actually mimics Kanye’s adlib in the chorus, “And when it falls down, who you gon’ call now?”. It’s clever, nostalgic, and simultaneously inspiring as the Riverside rapper talks about success in music.

Though we’re not all trying to start rap careers, anyone with an urgency to create and invest in oneself can relate to “All Falls Down“:

And for the 80s babies, you’ll enjoy his version of “I Can Do It” by Final Edition.

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