“A Real Fly Long Song” By Merlaku Ra, More Like a Real Fly New Beat

On June 24, just three months after debuting his first single on SoundCloud, producer and singer Merlaku Ra pairs up with singer/songwriter Aaliyah Muse for a love song with a new age feel.

Story | Madison Lippincott

Image | Soundcloud

The song, spanning nearly four minutes, entrances listeners with a slow beat harmonized with an acoustic guitar and some low-key tambourine action. Right off the bat, the intro presents us with the overall theme of love. The lyrics introduce us to a curvy woman who has him feeling all kinds of feels.

Sometimes I feel this universe be talkin’ to me ‘bout you
And I have yet to find the words
Trying to find my way with all your curves
In other words, skip the words
I got something on my nerve

Said woman is referenced throughout the song in a second person point-of-view as he serenades this mystery woman. However, we meet her about a minute into the song. But it isn’t until after we hear Merlaku Ra mention how she’s playing games to which she responds:

So let your heart unfold
But please, please subtract your ego
And let love take control, take control
Then I’ll let you take control

This back and forth between the two paints a picture for listeners of more of a one-sided deal rather than a mutual love towards one another. The male persona Merlaku Ra is imitating loves the female persona Aaliyah Muse is imitating but the female persona can’t stop playing games. So, one might categorize this as more of an anti-love song. But how can you complain? These days it seems that one-sided flings are just realistic.

This song is currently only available on SoundCloud.

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