50 Cent to Unravel Comedic Personality on New Show ’50 Central’

What’s the last 50 Cent song you heard? And when was that released? Most likely it’s not a recent song, but that’s because the “P.I.M.P.” rapper has been an avid entrepreneur in other markets. Between Vitamin Water, Effen Vodka and his TV show Power, Fifty has been putting time into different avenues with his most recent venture being 50 Central.

Story | Shealene Sakacs

Image | 50 Cent – Twitter

The Queens-native loves to have the last laugh. For example, when he stood behind people on the Jimmy Kimmel Show listening to people talk poorly of him and handled it in the only way that Fifty knows how to, with a big smile and laugh.

Needless to say it only makes sense that BET has authorized Fifty, one of the best personalities in hip hop, to host and executive produce – alongside Stephen J. Savva, Colby Gaines, and Riley Robbins – his very first comedy show 50 Central. G-Unit Film & Television collaborates with Back Roads Entertainment to produce the show.

The show will incorporate both the worlds of comedy and music, containing a mixture of musical guests, stand-up routines, hidden camera pranks, and sketch comedies. Although no artists have been released, the key cast members include Tristen J. Winger, Jasmine Brown, Kiya Roberts, Vince Swann and Mark Harley.

After discussing his new show with XXL, the rapper stated, “The platform itself is supposed to be the place where aspiring talent—whether it’s an aspiring artist or artist that has a hit record—it belongs on 50 Central… It’s diverse. It’s a little edgy. Like, when you went to go see a stand-up comedian, the language that he would use to make you feel like you’re actually with the person being in the neighborhood you come from.”

50 Central is a way for Curtis Jackson to connect with his fans on a more personal level. Though the gangster rapper has hits like “Wanksta” and “Hustler’s Ambition”, and seems like a normal guy as explained in his appearance on The View – father, entrepreneur, and obvious music indulger – this unprecedented, comedic side of him may be the 50 Cent to further stir the pot that is his career.

50 Central premieres this Wednesday (Sept. 27) at 10:30 P.M./9:30 P.M. Central on BET.

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