Externalizing Your Inner Demons 101: “4 Willem” by Caleborate

Reinforcing momentum to his 2017 project Real Person, Caleborate releases the music video to its standout record “4 Willem“. Shot during Caleb’s time in New York City, the video’s director of photography, Youssef Lehnin, installs a time lapse of people walking around the Bay Area rap artist to portray people’s tunnel vision to survive their daily lives despite the world’s turmoils as he raps:

“The sun don’t shine everyday/Money don’t last when you broke”…”My life is like the election (uh)/Fuck it man, It can’t get too much worse than this”.

However, Caleb isn’t as perfect as fans may set him out to be. In our recent interview, the Berkeley-bred rapper exposes his personal problems that emanates from his divorced parents, to Donald Trump in the White House, to the struggles of a rising rap artist. Halfway through the visual to “4 Willem“, Caleb – the young man with aspirations to make a living in the game – externalizes his optimistic self, Caleborate – the artist who’s able to materialize those aspirations. It’s simply Caleborate switching voices between the hungry rapper and the well-fed rapper; a version of himself in the present and future.

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Though he’s a man geared toward self and social awareness, Caleborate occasionally has love on his mind. He managed to sneak a clever verse in “Holy Matrimony“, the latest R&B record by his older brother, Cash Campain. If that isn’t enough, also raps off the top of the dome in our first Recess Rhymes segment.

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