Reviving Gangsta Rap One Song at a Time

Since it’s birth West Coast Hip-Hop has been categorized as Gangsta Rap, but the traditional sounds and mood of the genre rarely sees light. However, YG is making his mark out of Compton as the most prospering gangster rapper of this generation.

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With his second studio release Still Krazy arriving in June 2016, YG preps us for a nostalgic West Coast album with his latest single “Why You Always Hatin” featuring Drake and Kamaiyah.

Though YG doesn’t necessarily bring conscious lyricism to the table, his repertoires of flows are covered with an intransigent gangsta aura that resounds one of the realest sounds in Hip-Hop.

Who better to compliment that sound other than the 6 God? Though Drake didn’t grow up in the same hood as YG, the mood he presents fairs well on the track as it did with their 2014 single “Who Do You Love”. What’s also an awesome plus is Drake’s usage of  “slap” – a Bay Area term that verifies good music.

But the story lies amongst the other feature that this “slapper” compliments. What’s interesting is YG featuring up-and-coming Bay Area artist Kamaiyah, who featured the Compton rapper on “Fuck It Up” in her A Good Night in the Ghetto mixtape. The two artists are obviously working closely together, so hopefully Kamaiyah will get more than just a chorus if featured in more songs of Still Krazy.

No release date is set, but between “Twist My Fingaz” to “I Wanna Benz”, and now to “Why You Always Hatin”, we’re expecting one of the greatest West Coast, gangsta rap albums post-2010.

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