070 Shake Earthquakes Your Speakers Under G.O.O.D. Music

Day one of Apple Music’s launch I cut my Spotify subscription and switched over to the new streaming service. In the genre section of the app was a small category near the bottom of each page called the “New Artist You Need to Hear” and it was a hottest tracks list of songs from artists you may not otherwise have heard yet. It was here that I found 070 Shake and her heady, Weeknd-esque single “Sunday Night”. And a mistake even her manager Julieanne “YesJulz” Goddard made, I asked “Who the hell is this dude?”

Story | William Rivas

Photo | Stef Mitchell

She, not he, is a 20-year-old North Bergen, New Jersey-native who started off writing poetry to offset her bouts of depression, eventually pairing her lyrical prowess with gritty production she found herself gaining traction on Soundcloud. This traction culminated to a tweet from social media star / Entrepreneur / 1AM radio personality @YesJulz asking “Where is this boy?” to which the rising star replied “I’m a girl and I’m here.”

Shake’s first major label debut is the breakout hit “Trust Nobody”. This song, originally released in early 2016 under 1AM Entertainment, was later followed by the music video in November of that year from label G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. Garnering over half a million streams on Soundcloud and 700K+ views on YouTube, the numbers are a sign of good things to come for the Jersey kid. With a dark tone lyrically, “Chucky’s coming / get to running / if you wanna live your life / Baby stay around the sun / the creeps gon’ find you in the night”, the song is a straight banger with Shake’s signature tone switching between singing and rapping there is no chance of you not getting hyped to this track.

Her collective 070 (the first 3 of the Jersey zip code) include a lot of shining stars as well including, Phi, Hack, Tree, Ralphy River, and more.

070 Shake has since gone on to be managed under the Director of Vibes, Julieanne “YesJulz” Goddard, a radio personality who’s famous for using Snapchat as a marketing tool for all her charity events, signed artists, 1AM radio shows, and holiday parties. Her influence enabled her opportunity to sign to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.

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While mostly seeing positive results from the signing, the manager has been in the news for some controversy including a failed extortion attempt on Goddard and a controversial photo choice unfortunately resulting in the “Snapchat Queen” being dropped from some events immediately after. YesJulz promptly apologized for the photo on Twitter and Snapchat. The storm has since passed and the work moves forward as the manager keeps her artist focused on the upcoming album and the damage has been kept secular from Shake and her career.

070 Shake finished her first headlining tour across the United States and even a European tour this summer. She is currently in the studio working on her major label debut album Yellow girl. Follow shake on Instagram and Twitter. Listen to the 070 collaboration mixtape below.

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