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Symba Interview | Came From Nothing EP, Love for Women, Black Culture & More!

Raised in a more fortunate situation, Bay Area rapper Symba worked 10 times harder to acquire personal fulfillment in rap.

Justin Park Interview | The Naruto Uzumaki of Music

Justin Park’s dark past is a catalyst for his optimism. He places said optimism in his music, garnering fans who see beauty in all situations.

88Rising Interview | Rich Brian, NIKI, Joji, August 08 talk Head in the Clouds, Asian Representation

88rising’s Rich Brian, NIKI, Joji & August 08 quickly discuss their collaborative album ‘Head in The Clouds’ and representing for Asian entertainers.

Devour Interview | New Album ‘Different’, Hometown Struggles, Fanbase & More!

Devour’s first interview. The San Fernando Valley rapper talks about his new album ‘Different’, hometown struggles, and his love for his fans.

Demie the Destroyer talks Asian Rappers, 5A Label, Airplane Mode EP (Interview)

Demie the Destroyer talks about combating her outward self-reserved persona by using rap as a catalyst to her true nature.

The Rise of Hispanics in Hip Hop | Louie Franco Interview

We break down what it means to be Hispanic in hip hop when English is the primary means of communication with Louie Franco.

Is Music School Even Worth It? | Interview with Connor Barkhouse

Connor Barkhouse attended the Philadelphia Drexel University for Music and was producing for the early stages of what became Brockhampton.

Alienation is Kinda Cool with Jayda (Podcast Interview)

Utilizing her foreign roots from Korea to her advantage, singer/songwriter Jayda takes advantage of her differences in her music.