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Get It Back by Marty Grimes & Clyde Carson | The Lunch Table

Bay Area Powerhouses Collide | “Get It Back” by Marty Grimes & Clyde Carson

Revamping the momentum off his 2017 project ‘Cold Pizza’, Marty Grimes taps into Bay Area legend Clyde Carson on their new single “Get It Back”.

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Start the Year Off in Your Feels | ‘January 2018’ EP by Mila J

Mila J is starting off the new year with an EP that’ll get you grooving and yearning for more R&B. Her 6-track EP titled ‘January 2018’ is what you need in life.

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Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Noname - The Lunch Table

Coachella 2018 Spotlight: Noname

Though Chicago’s music scene progressed in recent years, native Noname looks to push its movement beyond its current status in the game through Coachella.


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Posthumous Music: The Creation of Artist Nostalgia

Rapper’s music released posthumous creates a nostalgia for the time in which their career and a remembrance to a rap style that has transitioned since their death.